Ethical Filament | 3D Print Show London 2014
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3D Print Show London 2014

16 Sep 3D Print Show London 2014

On Thursday 4th September, we headed to the 2014 3D Print Show London to get the word out about a fantastic book on 3D4D in the Global South written by our own William Hoyle and senior lecturer at the University of Wollongong, Australia, Thomas Birtchnell. While Thomas and his colleague Justin dived into the crowd, taking interviews for people’s perspectives on the 3D printing industry and the possibilities and limitations it offers, we shared the message of the Ethical Filament Foundation and got people talking about Protoprint, hopefully due to produce the first spools of EFF certified filament in early 2015.

We met some brilliant and engaging people during the three days and there was great feedback on the work that is being done and the future for both Protoprint and the Foundation. Show goers were particularly interested in the spread of sites and the reuse of materials and we are hoping to keep the momentum going, getting as much opinion and collaboration as possible on the draft Ethical certification standards we were sharing. You can download a copy of this summary on the standards page of the website.

What was also particularly interesting were people’s thoughts on the possibilities which 3D printing offers and how they have been using the technology themselves. As the foundation develops and our community expands, we are hoping to encourage the production of a central library with designs for all kinds of tools and necessities which can be downloaded for printing in any community around the world. As a result, and from the last two 3D4D challenges, we are very interested in hearing about what you would print if you had access to the technology. The Print Show was an excellent place to hear some ideas from local makers, anything from replacement guitar pegs to spare parts for newly designed equipment, where the objects simply aren’t available for purchase and something new that fits the exact design and need are necessary.

We are looking forward to continue getting out to shows and conferences to share and expand the work of the Ethical Filament Foundation, as with the 3D  Print Show London, Fab10 in Barcelona, Spain and FabCon, Erfurt Germany. We hope to see you at these events in the future and if you think of any we should know about, get in touch!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA